Question by  mlnr (257)

What is an ACH routing number?

I am filling out forms that request this information.


Answer by  SallyJ64 (3121)

It's a set of numbers that are unique to a bank so they can transfer money. There are two easy ways to find this number. The first is to look at the bottom of your checks. There are two sets of numbers, one is your account and one is the routing number. It should also be on your bank's website.


Answer by  RobertB (111)

An ACH (Automated Clearing House) routing number is an identification number for financial institutions such as a bank. The routing number is found at the bottom of printed checks. This number tells the clearinghouse which financial institution to debit or credit money to. The clearinghouse enables all banks to use one central repository.


Answer by  headley77 (97)

This is the nine digit number that identifies each individual bank. It can be located on the bottom left corner of a personal check. Sometimes the number can vary depending upon where the account was opened.


Answer by  adam84 (58)

An ACH routing number identifies the branch that acts as a clearing house for the check, as well as where the check moves to and from and the amount.


Answer by  smedley (24)

The ACH routing number is a nine digit number identifying the bank a check is drawn on. It is located on the lower left hand corner of your check.

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