Question by  dennis (20)

What is a way to write a Christmas letter that won't annoy my family and friends?

Could I tell jokes?


Answer by  iAmBrendaLee (128)

The most important thing when writing your Christmas letter is to be yourself. Write your letter as if you're talking to your friends and family face to face. Keep things positive and light. Write about the things that have happened with your family over the past year, but be careful not to sound like you're bragging or exaggerating.


Answer by  HawaiianGirl (6906)

You can keep the note short and simple. you may want to stay away from telling jokes as everyone has a different sense of humore, and some people may not think your jokes are funny.


Answer by  kingbet (44)

One of the best ways to send a Christmas letter that won't annoy anyone is to try to send along a gift, etc in order to appease them. You could try to cut out coupons or maybe even add gift cards if you have the money. Money is never annoying.

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