Question by  Hillaricious (16)

What is a reasonable number of miles to expect on a 1995 Ford Escort?

I am shopping for an older used car for a teen. The mileage on this one seems too low.


Answer by  Doug77 (1433)

It's possible to have 10k miles on a 30 year old car and to have 300k miles on a 5 year old car. It all depends on owner.


Answer by  flitwid (55)

I feel that a reasonable amout of miles for said vehicle is somewhere between 10,000-45,000 to say it's been a car that they either enjoyed using, or just got the job done.


Answer by  kennethjgoodson (4903)

The mileage is going to be over 150,000 and that is at 10,000 miles a year. They say the average person puts 12,000 a year on there vehicles but I live a 1/4 mile from work so you know I am not putting that on my truck but low mileage is always great when buying a used car.


Answer by  kqwik (317)

The average number of miles driver per year on a car is 10,000 to 12,000. Anything more than 180,000 miles would be considered excessive for a 1995 vehicle.

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