Question by  anonynurse (40)

Where is the coolant temperature sensor for a Ford Escort?

I need to know where it is located so that I can make sure it is working properly.


Answer by  Jsands1982 (871)

This should be located next to your thermostat housing. To locate follow the top radiator hose to the engine which will bring you to your housing. Then look around for a sensor like device that has two wires coming out near your housing. This should be your sensor.


Answer by  Doug77 (1433)

Depending on the year and engine size it will most likely be located on the cylinder head above the transmission. Older models will have a single wire while modern, computerized models will have 2 or more. Unplugging and/or grounding the wire with the key on and watching the gauge will tell you if you found the right one.

Reply by Saabist (1):
Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor aka ECT,(one wire is just the temp guage) Priority sensor for engine management until system goes into closed loop, Then Oxygen Sensor cross counts etc. I am trying to replace the hoses on a 91' 1.9 L on either side of the tube. All one assembly?  add a comment

Answer by  Aultero (80)

The coolant temperature sensor on the Ford Escort is located at the back of the cylinder block, near the heater hose pipe just under the air intake tube, you shouldn't miss it


Answer by  sfrickus (13)

It could vary depending on the year model. The coolant temperature sensor should be located right beside the engine block near the oil cap.


Answer by  setrip (158)

The coolant temperature is located in the heater hose pipe at the rear of the cylinder head, under the air intake tube.


Answer by  xsut (943)

The coolant temperature sensor should be located next to the thermostat temperature housing. You should follow the top radiator hose to the engine and the sensor should be near.


Answer by  cajuncuz (177)

The coolant temperature sensor for a ford escort is located in front of the pulley wheel. It is a certain color that makes it noticable. That should be checked if you have an A/C problem.

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