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Question by  cskhee2 (14)

What is a Quad Helix?


Answer by  akhilg9 (168)

It is a device used to widen the upper teethes to correct the over crowding of teeth or to correct posterior cross-bite, where the lower teeth are outer than the inner ones. It is a arrangement that is a stainless steel is attached to the molar by two bands and an arc with spring widens the upper jaw.


Answer by  lorio (96)

A Quad Helix is an appliance made of stainless steel wire for the upper teeth. It is used to correct crowded teeth and other malocclusion issues.


Answer by  nanook (605)

A Quad Helis is something commly used by destists or orthodontics. It is cemented in the mouth near the molars and contains four spings that are used to widen the arch of the mouth. This may be done to make room for teeth or correct the bit of a person. It has also been commonly called a palate expander.


Answer by  mahee (720)

Most of the people face many dental problems. Basically a Quad Helix is an orthodontic appliance for the upper teeth which is cemented in the mouth. It works like original teeth. Dentist attached it with upper molars.It is also one kind of dental care and people received it as a popular style.


Answer by  kworks (23)

A Quad Helix is an appliance for the upper teeth that is cemented in the mouth. It is attached to the molars by 2 bands and has four active helix springs that widen the arch of the mouth to make room for crowded teeth, or correct teeth that are outer than upper teeth.


Answer by  adp (9)

It is a expansion device developed by Doctor Robert Murray Ricketts used in othodontic treatment. It is used in the palate zone and it's main function is to achieve vestibular inclination.


Answer by  kumaresan (11)

Quad Helix is a orthodontic appliance which cemented in upper molors. for expand the upper arch, and its uses as habbit breaking appliances for thumb sucking cases

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