Question by  TonyAnderson (20)

Why is my quad muscle tight?

My quad muscle is tight.


Answer by  docholiday (47)

Most likely due to either overuse or lack of stretching; or both. Make sure to perform light stretching before weight lifting or running.


Answer by  jhamtak (58)

If you have recently engaged in a strenuous activity the muscle may have developed a build up of lactic acid from the the strain. Lactic acid production is a normal body response to an activity that the body is not accustom to purforming on a regular basis. If considering starting an exercise regemen consult your physician.


Answer by  IanGlassford (27)

Most muscle tightness is caused by two things, either that resulting from exercise or from an injury, such as a pulled muscle. Muscle tightness from exercise, such as running or weightlifting, can be alleviated by simple stretches that can be performed before or after exercise on a routine basis. Not stretching can eventually result in serious injury.


Answer by  CPB (8)

A tight muscle may be due to numerous things, including lack of stretching, over exertion of the muscle (exercising)or your tightness might be the result of muscle spasms.

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