Question by  FrankShines (19)

What is a pettichiae?

I want to understand what a pettichiae is.


Answer by  popper (107)

The word pettichiae is the plural form. It is a small broken blood vessel also known as a hemorrhage under the skin or in the eyes.


Answer by  cindy (1484)

Petichiae is a term for a tiny bruise. It is a tiny bit of blood lying underneath the skin and out of the blood vessel.


Answer by  Gingercakes (920)

I think you are asking about Petechiae. It is when the small blood vessels, capillaries, break and you get tiny red dots on your skin. You could have a low platelet count, or a serious underlying medical condition. Alcoholics are likely to get petechiae as well. Trauma, viruses, and injury are all possible. See your Dr. soon.


Answer by  vex (117)

This occurs when small blood vessels like capillaries or venules become damaged. They are very small hemorrhages that are 1 - 2 mm in size, and are usually clustered.


Answer by  billystiller (132)

The petechiae are a little spot marks, caused by small bleeding of the capillaries, and they present as red or purple spots on the skin.


Answer by  Cali2307 (1337)

Pettichiae are little red dots that appear just under the skin, and are a result of broken capillaries. They can be caused by low platelet count, extreme crying or coughing.


Answer by  jily (4)

Pettichiae is a kind of rash which is in a red or purple colour appears on a skin.It is actually a blood clot causing under the skin as a result of broken capillaries. It typically found on the lower limb but it will spread all over the body.It may be caused due to a wound or coagulation disorders.

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