Question by  jac (15)

What is a msmsgs.exe runtime error?

I keep getting an msmsgs.exe runtime error.


Answer by  Hector (21)

The messege msmsgs. exe is the windows or MSN messenger which failed to load, or start. When a windows is installed in a computer it has various features installed and one of them is the MSN messenger, which you cannot uninstall, which makes it very difficult when it becomes corrupt. Simple solution is reinstallation.


Answer by  vijayparttimejob (2254)

msmsgs. exe is Windows Messenger. Either go to the Control Panel and uninstall it if you don't want it, or uninstall and re-install if you do.


Answer by  Balaji (325)

It is a serious problem. It is mainly caused due to corrution of files and lack of equipment in the files and it does not work properly and leads to corruption in computer and does not allow to work well in computer.


Answer by  kdbalcom (13)

A msmsgs. exe runtime error is a problem with Windows Messenger. To remedy this issue, use your windows cd or download the program from the web, and re-install it.

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