Question by  Turks (319)

What is a kw hour?

Can someone explain kilowatt hour?


Answer by  dertr (147)

The kw hour is a unit of energy. It corresponds to the energy used by an electric appliance having a power of 1kw (=1000 Watts) over a period of one hour.

Reply by spleep (1):
I consume average 1.5 kw per hour! I am being charged £170.00per month by EDF! Is this a reasonable charge?  add a comment

Answer by  liquidjp (33)

A kilowhat hour is the the ammount of electricity a one kilowhat electrical appliance uses in one hour and is the standard method for charging for electricity. EG a 1KW electrical heater left on for 2 hours at a rate of 10pence per KWH will cost 20p.

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