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Question by  stanley (21)

What is a hyperplastic polyp?

I know they are a form of colonic polyps but what does it mean?


Answer by  healthyme (50)

A hyperplastic polyp is a common and benign polyp, usually found in the lower colon. It does not become cancerous, but may be removed at colonoscopy so that it can be distinguished from other, more serious, types of polyps.


Answer by  Carol2485 (17)

Hyperplasia just refers to and increase in the number of cells of any body part that results from an increased rate of cellular division. Hyper means increased. Plassein is from the Greek languange and means to mold. It can be in any body part. A polyp is a small tumorlike growth that projects from a mucous membrane surface.


Answer by  11worker (86)

About 90% of colonic polyps are benign hyperplastic polyps. Hyperplastic= condition where there is an increased number of normal cells and polyp= any growth protruding from a mucous membrane.


Answer by  StarOne (941)

Hyperplastic polyps in your colon are polyps that have virtually no chance of turning cancerous. Once your polyps are found they may be removed depending on the size and amount of the polyps you have. You will need to continue to have examinations to monitor the polyps or make sure new ones to not appear.

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