Question by  samus42 (24)

What is a houseplant with purple on the bottom of leaves?

I was recently given a houseplant and I have no idea what it is.


Answer by  patti (29325)

Zebrina Wandering Jew is a houseplant with green and silver leaves that are purple on the underside. Varieties of this plant, like Wedding Veil, also have leaves with purple undersides.


Answer by  shastie (1601)

Its kinda hard to say exactly what it is because it could be a number of things. If it has a velvet texture it is most likely purple passion plant. These are hard to care for so look up what it needs.


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

It could be any one of a hundred take a picture of it and go to the library and look through the books until you find one that has the plant in it then you can read up on it.


Answer by  MatH (35)

The most common houseplant that is mostly leafy and green with purple under the leaves is a Purple Passion Vine.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

It can be a purple leaf shamrock or velvet plants depending on the texture. If at all it feels velvety, then you know it is the latter.


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

what it is would depend on a lot of things does it have flowers what do they look like what size is it an african violet has pruple on the bottoms of the leaves but they are very small plants and require alot of sun take it to a green house show them and they will be able to tell.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

Well I believe it is called a Purple Passion plant. Is it a bit velvety in nature as well? If it is then you do have this plant on you. You need to be very careful in treating it. Water it daily and strictly. Change the soil every once a while.


Answer by  ruffy (1117)

they is a plant call a wander jew it had no flower and was just leave an it was purple under the leaves and had strip on the top of purple and white and as every easy to grow


Answer by  Anonymous

I have a vine like plant with light green leaves on top and a purple underside. I have no idea what it is and I can't find any plants that look like it online.

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