Question by  Rippy (21)

How do you care for a warnecki houseplant?

I need to know the basics of the Warnecki houseplant, does it require sunlight, and how much water does it need?


Answer by  srainne (2597)

These plants are relatively easy to care for. Make sure they aren't near the AC or AC vent, keep the soil evenly moist and they prefer bright filtered sun or low light. Fertilize once a week during the Spring and Summer.


Answer by  BrendaG (6111)

Warnecki dracaena is a small plant and a good beginner plant. Moderate waterings, filtered sunlight, and standard room temperatures will keep your dracaena happy. Do not place near drafts or vents. Fertilize young plants twice monthly and older plants once weekly during spring and summer. Careful not to overwater.


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

This plant likes indirect to low lighting. It likes evenly moist soil and do not overwater- it's prone to root rot and fungus if you do. Mist frequently with warm water to maintain humidity. fertilize twice a month with a 20-20-20 fertilizer. Make sure this plant has adequate drainage, it likes moisture, but like most houseplants, it abhors sogginess.


Answer by  worker5534 (518)

The basic needs of Warnecki house plant require adiquate sunlight and water. Basically it is a slow and steady sensitive plant. It require four to five hours sunlight in a day. It needs plenty of water that allow to stagnent surround the house plant at least three or four hours in a day.

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