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Question by  AliciaR (30)

What is a good trench depth for detached garage wiring?


Answer by  bill14 (308)

I would run my trench about 4-6 inches deep. The important thing if you are going to run your wiring at this depth is to make sure that you enclose it in a protective casing. Depending on how far you are running wires, pvc piping is the best product for protecting your wires.


Answer by  sharon63 (520)

One foot to 16 inches is a good depth for the trench. Also make sure your wiring is in conduit (schedule 80 pipe). Make sure proper markings are put over the conduit before backfilling dirt. Also make sure that all holes are sealed with hydraulic cement or a proper filling for the building.


Answer by  les59 (852)

I would recommend 3 to 5 feet for detached garage wiring when running it through the ground. It's deep enough to keep it from being easily dug up by kids or pets. Also it is important to call Miss Utility before doing any digging so they can mark for utility lines in place already.

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