Question by  lauryn (194)

How should I go about finishing my unfinished garage wiring conduit?

The conduit is partly incomplete.


Answer by  ng15 (115)

Typically, 20 amps. However, all of your garage electrical wiring should be thought out. Ultimately, the amount of garage electrical wiring you'll need depends on what you intend to do in your garage. Four key things to consider are heating, lighting, tools, and appliances. Typically, large heaters, appliances, and tools should have their own circuit,


Answer by  Danusaf06 (40)

Use conduit supports to attach new conduit to the unfinished pieces and run them to where you are wanting your possible outlets/switches within the garage


Answer by  deli (32)

Estimate how many junction boxes,light switches and ceiling boxes you will need. Also calculate how many feet of conduit you will need with extra footage for bends. Find out what gauge of wire so you know what diameter of conduit you will need.


Answer by  lftmx3 (39)

Finish conduit run by terminating with any type of box. Know the max. current (amps) load the circuit will be pulling. Verify the wire gauge and type, as well as the breaker, can handle the full load amps.


Answer by  blais (55)

Make sure outlet boxes are grounded, secure the conduit to code in your area and make sure you dont put to many bends in you conduit (harder to pull wire).

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