Question by  jax9999 (131)

What is a good tattoo to cover my tummy tuck scar?


Answer by  Anonymous

Once your scar has completely healed (year plus) you can tattoo over it. Since the scar goes all the way across you might look for something with flowers on a vine. The vine can cover the thin area of scar with flowers over the thicker areas.


Answer by  Ashlockheart (116)

I would say a butterfly would be a good tattoo to cover the scar if you are a girl. If you are a guy I would say a snake slithering over some bones. Those are the tattoos that I would say to get for covering her scars on your tummy.


Answer by  SurR (103)

Be aware that your scar might not be a good candidate for a tattoo to be there. Consult with the tattooist before hand to make sure that the ink will settle there nicely and not be rejected. This can happen if it is a large, raised scar. Otherwise, any design would work.


Answer by  amber33 (1941)

You can find tattoo pictures online, maybe an image search and you might be able to find something you like. Maybe a vine.


Answer by  idavid (385)

It depends of course, on what you like, and how big the scar is. Whether it be a flower, animal, or symbol, just make sure that you will be happy.


Answer by  Puppyluv (173)

Let it heal compeletely. The last thing you want is to get one and then it becomes permanently distorted because your scar was still healing up. Consult with tattoo artists for some ideas, it takes a greater amount of skill to cover a scar well as they vary in size and shape. Simpler also looks better than detailed.

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