Question by  KayD (25)

What can I do for my 5 year old who wets in pull ups before going to bed?

My five year old wets her pull ups prior to bed time.


Answer by  TrishWebber (72)

To keep your five-year-old from wetting his pull ups before going to bed make him go to the bathroom about an hour before bed and limit night time drinks.


Answer by  kookie (47)

my suggestion is to put her on the toliet every 15 minute in the hour prior to bedtime. This should get her in the bait of emptying her bladder completely.


Answer by  DarlingMother (43)

Limit liquids after 6pm. After you have ruled out any medical issues, get rid of the pull-ups, and have the child wear panties. Children have accidents in pull-ups, because they'd rather play than potty. The pull-up absorbs the liquid, so there's no discomfort. Panties allow her to feel the result of her actions. Be sure to take her potty. Often.

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