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Question by  jdening (57)

What is a good golden retriever name?

You see so many in movies, and I want a good name, but not an overly common one.


Answer by  dops (6)

Well see this is a very hard question to answer, because you could name your dog anything, and I mean anything in the entire world. You could name him Rock, Bob, Jehovah, Cow, the list goes on and on, so its really more a matter of your preference to names.


Answer by  LissaT (34)

If your golden retriever is a male, I would call it "Ray" but if it is a female, you should call it "Sally."


Answer by  katharine (3981)

Look on websites for dog names, and you can also look at baby name books and websites. If you know you want a name with a particular theme, you can find sites that suggest names given the theme you're looking for. Another idea is to look at adoptable Goldens and see what their names are for more possibilities.


Answer by  rogera (788)

Some people like to name dogs after the dogs personality, here are some different names for males and females, Angel, Abbie, Golden Lady, Abbott, Astro, Abe, Jett, Regal,Reggie, and Pumpkin for either sex. Spice can also go for either sex.

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