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Question by  shane37 (19)

What is a good gift for a soccer player?


Answer by  soccerchic (14)

A movie dealing with soccer, such as Kicking and Screaming, is a good gift for a soccer player. A cushioned headband is also a great gift to prevent head injuries. Also, a soccer ball is something every soccer player needs.


Answer by  lcenrique78 (10)

Well, the first thing that probably comes to mind is a soccer ball, but if its a soccer player, they probably already have one so I would guess a good one could be a jersey, from possibly either Major League Soccer team, the US national team, or One of the clubs from Europe, Such as Manchester United or FC barcelona


Answer by  RomanMedina (6)

Apart from the obvious ball, a good gift for a soccer player can be a kit for training, most of them sold at Walmart or Amazon.

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