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Question by  rajimuruga (7)

How can I care for my rabbit whom has swollen nail beds?

My rabbit tried to dig into the wood of her cage and now has swollen nail beds.


Answer by  kirri (478)

Their is a possibility that she has splinters in her paws as rabbits no not have tough pads like dogs or cats. Their feet are very delicate. ideally their cage bottom should be make of fleece or a soft pad. rabbits take well to litter box training making them great indoor pets.


Answer by  zanneypants (39)

Swelling almost always warrants a trip to the vet. However, an at home treatment to disinfect the nail beds is one part Betadine to four parts lukewarm water. Honestly, even with the disinfectant you should still take your rabbit to the vet. Paws/Nails are a danger zone for infection and the little guy or gal is probably in pain.


Answer by  jokeefe (3)

First, swap and clean the rabbit's nail beds with warm water. If the rabbit's nails are excessively long, trim them to a more moderate length. Completely clean out the cage and lay down plastic covering over the wood parts of the cage to prevent further damage.

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