Question by  Becca53 (17)

How do I know if my brass bed is an antique?

What markings or other characteristics should I look for on my brass bed to determine its value?


Answer by  hahagal (983)

The only way to tell if your brass bed is an antique to take it to a antique shop and get it appraised. These businesses have the staff that is knowledgeable about the information on your brass bed.


Answer by  hibpmgirl (2166)

True antiques usually have a date on the piece somewhere. You should look under the footings of the bed or around the frame. You can also have it appraised by a professional, there are antique appraisers that are willing to come to your home to place a value on furniture or items for you.


Answer by  percy (33)

first, you can see the color of the metal it is a liitle bit brown gold and not too much shine on it


Answer by  tsuerob (175)

Always look for identifying marks for engravings are the obvious answer. Brass can be tricky because it can look wore or old but brass tends to do this so it isn't really an age indicator. You best bet would be to take it into a professional and have them appraise it.

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