Question by  sellingsimply (24)

What is a good cure for writers block?

I am trying to write a short story and have writers block.


Answer by  quisqualis (1756)

The best way to get you creativity back as a writer is to get away from your desk. Go do something which has nothing to do with writing, like take a vacation without your computer.


Answer by  wakeboardermom (93)

Stop trying to write and clear your head. Focus on something else. Get extra sleep and keep a notepad by your bed so that if you dream you can jot down your thoughts before you lose them.


Answer by  toottoot (192)

Get inspired! Look at pictures of artwork, read interesting articles online, research topics of interest to you and you will soon be inspired.


Answer by  ken65 (128)

The best cure for writer's block is to walk away from your project and not think about it. If you get away and 'clear your mind' the creative flow should return. When you are consciously trying to overcome the block, you will just make it worse by stressing.


Answer by  TurtleGirl (75)

Get your mind on something else entirely. Take a long walk outside, go people watching. Your subconscious will work on the problem. Then, read the story through new eyes.

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