Question by  trumpetchris (13)

What is a good basketball workout program?

I am getting ready to try out for a team.


Answer by  JBailey (26)

Build up your endurance as much as possible with running between 5-7 miles a day. Shuttle Drills to build up quickness. Shoot at least 500 shots ranging between 12 to 22 feet. Don't worry about making the shots at first but get a nice rhythm then accuracy; and Always stretch before and after your workouts.


Answer by  Steve247 (519)

Running is most important, this gets you the stamina you'll need. Run every other day only, and in between those days off, work on your upper body strength. As far as basketball skill goes, make at least 500 mid range jumpers a day, make them, not take them.


Answer by  kvette (40)

Basketball requires lots of endurance, yet being able to run short sprints when necessary. Do lots of running, and vary the length and speed of each run. Running stairs will also get your legs in good shape for jumping. I would also recommend squats to strengthen your legs. A varied workout is always best for basketball.


Answer by  DavidD (148)

First of all make sure you are in shape (coaches like players that hustle). Also practice shots that you are likely to take in a game rather than just shoot aimlessly. Suicides and running stairs are great to get in shape. Practice ball handling with another person (i. e. passing). Finally practice with someone better than you so that you improve.


Answer by  jeyMartin (42)

There are many things to do to get ready for a baskteball team. First you should see what position you'll play. however while different position require diffent skills there are general workouts to do to get better at the game. For example you can condition by running a mile every day and work on your jumpshot.


Answer by  LippoTheHippo (67)

You will need cardio vascular endurance. For this, there is no substitute for lots of wind sprints. Also, to develop strength in your quadriceps you should do squats.


Answer by  jimcro55 (813)

Take about 100 shots from various spots on the floor every single day. This will help you feel comfortable shooting from almost anywhere on the floor and create muscle memory that your body needs to be consistent.

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