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Question by  BeenThereWithMyCat (11)

What is a cute way to style short brown hair?

My hair looks so plain now.


Answer by  NGoodson (3395)

If you feel like your short brown hair is bland, you can add some highlights to make it a little different. You can also try spikey hairstyles if it's really short or waves. You can get sexy waves as long as it's at least to right above your shoulders, or you can curl it.


Answer by  Busha (7)

Go for some streaking in ash gold color that might give you a different look. Or else go for some dye like plum (Lorea'l) it will give a very fantastic and stylish look especially when you go out in the sun. another way can be to get red high lights done.


Answer by  NGoodson (3395)

It depends on how short your hair is. If it's really short, likea pixie cut, you can try some messy spikes. If it's a little longer, try waves.


Answer by  monkeyz (3150)

If you have enough hair, make little "dog ear" pigtails. You can also twist bunches of hair and pin them in place. Flip your hair up by drying upside-down.


Answer by  stylechick (96)

I think long side swept bangs, and angeled around the front to frame your face. Also, getting a few highlights usually can brighten your look up as well. You can also try parting it differently or using some cute clips or a headband too. Try to accent your new look with a new shade of lipstick, that always helps.


Answer by  anchavez (42)

A cute way for short brown hair is to make a deep part on one side of your head and make sure the majority of your hair has a lot of volume. Another option is to neatly separate a squared off chunk of hair on the top front of your head and pin it on the side.

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