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What is a Chalupa?


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A chalupa is a kind of tostada platter in Mexican cuisine. It is made by pressing a thin layer of masa dough around the outside of a small mold and then deep frying it to produce a crisp shallow corn cup. It is filled with chicken or pork, onion, and a piece of chipotle pepper or red or green salsa.


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Chulupa means is derived the term boat in spanish. Unlike other mexican dishes, it is known to to look like a tostada, a bowl, or Taco Bells version of a fried dough in the shape of a taco shell.


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A Chalupa is a deep fried or flat tortilla which originates from the south-central regions of Mexico. It is commonly made by flattening out a thin piece of torilla or masa dough, and frying the outer section to create a 'shell'. It is then filled with typical mexican ingredients such as shredded pork, steak, lettuce, cheeses and peppers.


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a chalupa is a fod tipe they put out at taco bell and it is very good

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i love taco bell chalupas. i went to a mexican restaurant & ordered one. I got a taco shell with fried beans in it. wow. i complained. they said it was a chalupa. i said they are wrong. make sure b4 u order one u kno what your getting  add a comment

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in addition to being a mexican dish, "chalupa" is also a slavic word that refers to a home in the countryside.


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