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Question by  eone282 (67)

What is a cause of hyperpigmentation in legs?

I have hyperpigmentation in my legs.


Answer by  hellopiper (324)

Like any skin condition, hyperpigmentation has thousands of causes. The more common causes are age spots, acne, reactions to laser treatments for spider veins, or irritation following a rash or allergic reaction.


Answer by  Elle (648)

Hyperpigmentation is seen as brown spots on the legs, arms, hands - the brown spots are a result of injured skin cells setting off a rapid proliferation of abnormal skin cells -


Answer by  Moma123 (1043)

Hyperpigmentation is caused by excessive production of melanin due to over exposure to sunlight, which results in darkening of areas of skin on hands, legs and face. Some other cause of hyperpigmentation are inflammation, skin injuries and acne vulgaris.


Answer by  Milette4 (900)

It is mostly caused by an increase in melanin production. It may occur after injury to the skin. Hyperpigmentation may also have systemic and neoplastic causes.


Answer by  Melissa101010 (4405)

The hyperpigmentation in your legs could just be the veins in your legs and your blood flow. Sometimes you could have low potassium in your body, and that could be a reason for the hyperpigmentation in your legs. Another reason could be that your not getting enough exercise and the meletonin may be low.


Answer by  z40 (76)

Hyperpigmentation can happen when there is accumulation of melanin pigment (black melanin) or excessive keratinisation that cause accumulation of keratine.

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