Question by  Hwcllns (18)

What is a bank executor?

What do they do?


Answer by  cmc94 (302)

Are you talking about an Executors account that I have seen in some banks? It is an account meant for Court Executors - people appointed to the office of executor. it has a different fee structure and interest and some very interesting options and advantages.


Answer by  salsafoodie (3146)

A bank executor is someone who can help you with you banking when you are creating a will and you have a large amount of money. This is someone that will help you with your finances as well as distribute them according to the will when you pass away. They can help you with your position.


Answer by  wonderman (201)

I know that an Executor is the person authorised to actually ensures that a will is carried out, debts of the dead person are paid off and then divides the left over among the beneficiaries. He needs to take care of funeral expenses etc from the deceased money

Reply by boonjax (205):
Being nominated as the Executor is so challenging and can be very difficult. It's better to have a lawyer involved. You will need to to know a lot about the deceased's funds and monetary details and assets - otherwise you'll end up in a mess!  add a comment

Answer by  mb (5482)

The executor is the official in charge of securing "surety" on loans. Basically they are responsible for making sure you can pay your loan.


Answer by  Jalaine11 (2043)

A back executor handles the administrative and financial details that are involved in settling an estate after someone has died. The executor will do such things as help file the proper tax documents needed, preparation and filing of inventory and accounts and future investments.


Answer by  spyman0071 (86)

A bank executor is someone who carries out a will correctly after the person dies. So if the deceased person decides to leave their house to someone then the executor will make sure that the house goes to them. A lot of times executors hire lawyers to ensure everything.

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