Question by  RobinLouise (28)

What is a 4 prong electrical outlet?

Can it be installed in a 110 or 220 house?


Answer by  Bugmann (130)

220V outlets have 4 prongs: Two hots, one common, and one ground. (some will only have 3 prongs, and do not have a common) To install it it will need to be connected to a 220V breaker in the main breaker box of your house.


Answer by  SallyJ (1010)

4-prong outlets have two 110v wires, one ground wire, and one neutral wire (three-phase wiring). If you have a 110v house, you might need to convert the outlet to 220v.


Answer by  Zon (122)

A four prong outlet is used to distribute 220 VAC (volts alternating current) to a home or business. One of the prongs is the NEUTRAL prong, two others carry 110 volts each.

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