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Question by  sush (22)

What herbs will help to get rid of parasites?


Answer by  lwat80 (300)

Actually, garlic is the most widely used herb that helps get rid of and prevent parasites. Also drinking beer and wine work the same way. These would be your most easily accessible herbs to find, and the garlic you can eat with your meal. If you have parasites you should also visit your doctor, as you may need a prescription.


Answer by  MedStudent01 (1131)

There are no herbs that are clinically or scientifically proven to get rid of parasites. Any sort of pathologic or harmful parasite requires a doctor to diagnose and treat with medications.


Answer by  fred99 (30)

A tincture made with the green hulls of black walnuts, cloves, and wormwood will kill all three forms of a parasite; the bug, the cyst, and the egg. This herbal combination is also available as a capsule with the dried herbs, but is less effective. Taking only one herb, without the others will result in a recurrence.


Answer by  deram (45)

Do you know which one is the best? Parasite Cleanse One that will kill the adult parasites along with the eggs through a combination of herbs. The most common formula of Parasite Cleanse makes use of 3 specific herbs namely, cloves, wormwood and black walnut hulls. You have to use these 3 herbs together.


Answer by  heavensent (241)

Pumpkin seeds is traditionally known to remove tapeworms and roundworms. Eating raw garlic is also another known remedy and is readily available. Wormwood and wormseed have been also used in ancient times but the oil of these herbs are found to be toxic so it is advisable to take the tea preparation for these.

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