Question by  GallDoru (17)

What happens if there is a judgment against someone for unpaid rent?


Answer by  ccorp (260)

When there is a judgment filed against someone for unpaid rent, it is usually filed in the Court of the city where the matter has occurred. The person who the judgment is against will be served a dispossessory notice by the sheriff with a court date for you to appear.


Answer by  Samantha64 (120)

The owner of the judgement can enforce it through any legal means. In some places, that includes garnishing wages or seizing or putting liens on property. It will appear on your credit report until it is paid, even if that is more than 7 years.


Answer by  lulu51 (25)

Basically, nothing! If you are the landlord and think you will get your money, think again! The person will have a judgment on their record. However, these people who stiff you for the rent typically have horrible credit reports anyway so another bad "hit" won't make any difference.


Answer by  ramachandranvenk (15)

The owner of the house will be very happy. The tenant will feel sad and has to search for a new house where he will be planning to the another person.


Answer by  Sharyl (340)

It will look bad on your credit rating, could keep you from being able to rent other places, and anytime they find you are working or come into any cash they can take you to court and ask you pay them in payments or at once.


Answer by  Anonymous

will a judgment for unpaid rent keep me from getting a house

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