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Question by  sporky (16)

What do I do about a Illinois Credit debt judgment summons?

I recieved an Illinois credit debt judgment summons.


Answer by  Advisor (1032)

If you're living in the area; attend the court date and confirm validity of the debt. This also allows you to plead your case and possibly reduce penalities and late charges. If you are unable to attend, send letter of explanation to court well before trial date.


Answer by  malone (4817)

Go to court. Prepare a letter explaining why you have not paid and why you are unable to pay. That's your only hope of avoiding a judgment against you and subsequent attachment of your wages and bank accounts.


Answer by  moorthi (37)

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Answer by  Jewelianne (0)

Do not acknowledge the debt! Check the SOL first, The Junk Debt Buyers are purchasing debt that creditors deemed junk and have charged off for pennies and these buyers are suing people for the full amount in court and winning. Research Junk Debt Buyer Laws first.

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