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Question by  akeetlebeetle (10)

What happened to Cole on "Charmed?"


Answer by  vickster (11)

Cole was basically killed off. He was the source of problems for the sisters. Phoebe had left the sisters and went bad. Then she reconnected with them and they used the power of three to vanquish Cole to the wastelands.


Answer by  Sheila47 (6)

Cole's last appearance as a regular on the show was the 100th episode. His future self was vanquished in the past, rewriting history. He did appear twice more later, inconsequentially.


Answer by  CaptainAtom (25)

The short version is that the sisters killed him, and he's now a goast in limbo trying to atone for his sins. He was killed by the sisters around season 5, in an alternate timeline where he just had his original powers from season 3.


Answer by  Kath (1537)

Cole becane the source and the charmed ones vanquished him. Not the end, however, Cole fount his way back and got vanquished again - for good.

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