Question by  isolde (19)

What foods are traditional in Madagascar?


Answer by  lynxlevy1 (160)

The rice is the staple of their diet combined with kabaka which is a protein dish that could be fish, meat chicken or beans. It's also served with vegetable soups which has different condiments to enhance the flavor of foods.


Answer by  sebek27 (28)

Rice is always on the menu with a typical fish entree at least once a day considering that Madagascar is a Island. Simple, but fresh fruits and vegetables typically round out meal and a vegetable soup before the entree is not uncommon. In many restaurants a slight French flair can be detected in some dishes.


Answer by  knowmyfood (32)

The most traditional foods in Madagascar are: meat (veal and beef), chicken, rice, vegetables, casava, garlic, ginger, cloves, bananas and coconut milk. The fare in Madagascar is very simple but hearty.


Answer by  mesh (351)

Foods from Madagascar are typically very spicy and often have a rice base. Beans are often added to the dish to provide a pork type flavor. Pickeled foods are often used like mangos and lemons.


Answer by  hungrymiss (36)

Madagascarians like really hot and spicy foods with lost of rice. Ro is marinated meat with vegetables and leaves. Ramazava and Vary amid 'anana are other variations. The Toaka gasy is a drink distilled from cane sugar and rice. Desserts are mostly vanilla flavored for its reputation.


Answer by  Jazzy (34)

The food served in Madagascar mainly consist of a large serving of rice accompanied with a meat of some sort. They like their food spicy there so an abundance of peppers are used as well.


Answer by  kayleen (128)

I would say if you are not familiar with the traditional foods from Madagascar I would research it on the internet and it should be able to tell you what is food is traditional and the ingredients in all the foods that they eat there. You might be suprised what you find out.

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Except they did search it on the internet.... and this is what they found haha  add a comment
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