Question by  reader (57)

What are some ideas for non traditional wedding gowns?

We are having a non traditional wedding.


Answer by  RunawayJim (964)

It depends on your theme, but I think crazy colors are great. Something simpler than your typical "big" dress is also classy in my mind.


Answer by  BessieMae (138)

A dress that isn't white or some variation of white is a good start. Also, short dresses are uncommon for wedding gowns. You could try a dress that would more normally be worn on a date or to a night club and substitute it for a wedding dress.


Answer by  currentres (328)

One idea for a non traditional wedding gown is to get a colored gown. I have seen many women have splashes of pink or blue in their gowns.


Answer by  KitNKap (98)

You can wear a color other than white. You could also look in the Bridesmaids section for dresses that are beautiful, but less traditional.


Answer by  tammyshana (88)

You could wear a short dress in a different color other than white or cream to have a non traditional look on your wedding day.

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