Question by  speill (11)

What exactly are panko bread crumbs?

I have a recipe that calls for them but I have no clue.


Answer by  JenniferLB (103)

Panko bread crumbs are of Japanese origin and are basically made from bread without crusts and end up being more crisp than most other types of bread. Panko bread crumbs are used to make a wonderful crispy, crunchy coating for fried foods.You can usually find them sold in Asian or Speciality stores.


Answer by  Libster (15)

Panko bread crumbs can be found on the ethnic foods isle of most supermarkets. They are made from wheat. Unlike traditional bread crumbs, they are flakes,and not actually crumbs. Panko is most often used as a crispy coating for fried foods, but also makes an excellent topping for dishes such as baked macaroni and cheese.


Answer by  Sandrion (203)

Panko bread crumbs are a type of Japanese bread crumbs that are made a certain way to give them to special texture that they have. You can usually pick them up in your local food mart right next to the regular bread crumbs. They are very hard to make at home.


Answer by  GG59 (20)

Panko is a Japanese bread crumb. Lighter than western version and used in fried dish. It comes out crunchy and light. You can find it in international section.


Answer by  klypos (271)

Panko breadcrumbs are a Japanese product used to give a crispy coating on fried food. You can find them in health food and speciality food shops.

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