Question by  anujgrover (25)

What advice can you give me on cross breading plants?

I would like to cross bread two different roses and create my own bread.


Answer by  colo22 (278)

This is a high commitment, extensive area of work that could take years for results. It is best to hook up with a rose growers association in your area.


Answer by  mcmario2007 (786)

The only good advice on cross breeding or hybridization as they scientifically term the word is that the plants must be compatible with each other in other words a rose of one particular color say white can be hybridized with a rose of red color.


Answer by  MattK (1713)

Cross breading of plants is easily accomplished via cross pollination of a female plant of one type with the pollen of the male you want to cross it with. This can also be done in reverse, known as the Greek way.


Answer by  idrish (39)

Its a wonderful idea. It is found to be very successful to cross bread two different plants. You will get a new beautiful rose flower from cross breading. But you have to take care while cross breading plants. Its stems will not be harmed and tie it with a bandage


Answer by  worker8739 (555)

It is best to cross breed plants of a similar nature. Examples are, the soil requirements should be the same, similar light requirements, likewise with watering propensities. One plant may be more predominant by nature and require heavier pruning.

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