Question by  Srfingfreak (697)

What ever happened to Robin Cole who played for the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 1970's?


Answer by  3edad (219)

Robin Cole was a great linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers for eleven years from 1977-1987 and the New York Jets in 1988. He was well respected by his fellow players, but only was elected to the Pro Bowl in 1984. After retiring he opened Robin Cole's Unforgettable Sweets which he operates in the Pittsburgh area.


Answer by  danny25 (83)

He is still involved in Pittsburgh. Currently, he is the owner of "Robin Cole's Unforgettable Sweats" in Pittsburgh. It is famous for selling Cheesecake.


Answer by  Huntress (1935)

He's in the bakery business. The name is Robin Cole's Unforgettable Sweets. He is also involved in the Obediah Cole Foundation for Prostate Cancer.


Answer by  Marcus71 (12)

Robin Cole retired in 1988 after one year with the Jets. He currently owns and operates Robin Cole's Unforgettable Sweets in Republic, PA.


Answer by  Bowling300 (101)

He is now in the bakery business and does sales through an on line retail store. He also does a lot of work for the cancer society, as he is a survivor of prostate cancer himself. You can find him, and his business Robin Cole's Unforgettable Sweets still in Pittsburgh.


Answer by  Robinsbooks (164)

Robin Cole is in the bakery business, selling sweets but primarily cheesecakes at Robin Cole's Unforgettable Sweets. They are hoping to do a lot of selling online and through grocery chains. Robin is a prostate cancer survivor and does a lot of charity work to fight this dread disease. Robin still lives in the Pittsburgh area.

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