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What effect does Calcium Choloride have on the environment?

I know that Calcium choloride does damage to trees but what is the over all effect of it.


Answer by  Timpridemore (149)

It is a natural salt that in sufficient concentrations can pollute ground water and kill vegetation and aquatic animals especially larva and amphibians, render wet lands unable to support larger wild life, migratory, feeding, nesting and reproduction cycles of birds can be affected as well. Over all the effects of over use could be potentially devastating for an ecosystem.

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Answer by  getpaid (23)

Calcium chloride is a dessicant, so it can even remove water from air. It is corrosive, but not as corrosive as magnesium chloride. At high concentrations in the environment it would be more dangerous, for example high concentrations in groundwater if there is too much.


Answer by  HeidiW (371)

It will not only affect trees but the whole vegetation and it can also kill the plants in that area. It goes quickly into the ground water as well.


Answer by  Mac44 (479)

Calcium chloride does not really have a direct "effect" on the environment. It is a basic common salt that when introduced to a water supply can cause any fresh water plant to die.


Answer by  helol25 (680)

Yes along with damaging the environment it can also rust plants. Too much chlorine of any sort is not good at all. It creates algae and inhibits the growth of plants.

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Answer by  Latha (264)

It affects most terribly in the earth. The main cause is it absorb water in the under area of earth,that makes the rock and that place make draught.


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it doesn't really affect the enviroment

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