Question by  kv1238 (81)

Is RoundUp weed killer bad for the environment?

It's really effective but my neighbor got after me and said it is poison to the environment.


Answer by  ckellogg (29)

Yes, it is. I knew a gardener who used it when it was supposed to be safe and she got multiple cancers a few years down the road. Animals chew on the treated grass and people walk on it and spread it wherever they go. Plus it blows in the wind when you spray it, very unhealthy.


Answer by  Jason80 (99)

No. The only thing Roundup is bad for is weeds. The chemicals in round up are of such low percentages that they can not reach the water table.


Answer by  pokie (132)

roundup's main ingrediant is not toxic to people or animals, glyphosate is however toxic to fish and amphibians and should not be used for aquatic puposes. it will irrate the eyes so you should use causion when using it.


Answer by  thedude2112 (10)

Yes it is very toxic and bad for the environment.Most people suggest you even wear a mask while using it.Even the inactive ingredients can be harmful to humans.

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