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Question by  Bob81 (33)

What is a calcium blood test?

My mother is being tested for too much calcium in her blood


Answer by  Stephanie79 (16)

This test measures how much calcium you have in your blood (not in your bones). Fasting is not required, but you may have to avoid taking certain medications.


Answer by  Amy2187 (16)

There are several reasons to be tested for having too much calcium in the bloodstream, including bone pain, anorexia, and lethargy. Too much calcium in the blood is called hypercalcemia. This blood test will tell doctors the amount of calcium not stored in your mother's bones.


Answer by  serena (79)

They check for serum calcium level in the blood. The calcium test is bacically done to check the calcium level in the blood. It should be in the normal range. There can be a deficiency or excess of calcium which can be diagonised by this test. Excess of calcium usually predisposes to kidney stone.


Answer by  jestroud (17)

A calcium blood test is to test the amount of calcium not found in the bones, but in the bloodstream.

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