Question by  whitedog65 (22)

What education is required for a degree in sports medicine?


Answer by  Syron (79)

To get a degree in sports medicine, you first have to do get an undergraduate degree (premed) which takes 4 years. Write the MCAT, Then enter medical school which takes another 4 years. And then 2 years of residency and 3 to 5 years of Fellowship. Indeed it's a long road but it's very well worth it!


Answer by  Ridler (9)

First, they must earn a Bachelors Degree. Second, a medical degree (MD or DO). Third, they must complete a residency program in sports medicine. Finally, they complete a fellowship in sports medicine. Sports medicine is the non-surgical counterpart to orthopedics.


Answer by  Jess35 (445)

To obtain a degree in sports medicine, you first need to complete high school and earn your didploma.. It requires a bachelor's degree, and often times a master's degree. If you'd like to obtain a PhD that will require further schooling, for as much as up to four additional years.


Answer by  Dean (4035)

It depends on your career goals. A lot of fields are called "sports medicine." The term most correctly applies to a physician (MD or DO) who, after college, took four years of medical school and then did a residency in the specialty field of sports medicine.


Answer by  mizzbee (6)

Since Sports Medicine involves treating people for sports related injuries, it requires at least a Master's Degree. the candidate must be able to recognize and know the procedures to treat tramatic injuries such as broken bones, but also repetitive motion injuries such as tennis elbow,


Answer by  patti (29325)

A physician with a sports medicine specialty has graduated medical school and completed a related residency. A Physician's Assistant (PA) has a professional degree (usually MS/PhD) with a focus on sports medicine. There are also careers in sports medicine that require degrees in exercise science/kinesiology, usually with a minimum of a graduate degree.


Answer by  serene30 (32)

The best way to decide education requirements is to research sports medicine and see which courses you must take in order to obtain a degree. Another method is to check with other sports medicine professionals or even call several locations that specialize in the sports medicine field. Most colleges that offer the degree has overall degree requirements.


Answer by  Borce (17)

For a degree in sports medicine you need high education. High education includes university and even more if possible. You really need to be well educated for his work.

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