Question by  manbear (1)

What early 80s R&B group had a song with the chorus: "I know you want my love and you know that I want yours too"?

This is a slow song from about 1984-1985.


Answer by  hefito (226)

Maybe you're talking about "Don't Go" by Dreamboy?


Answer by  Tigerbelle (252)

This song was recorded by a group called Dreamboy and was released in 1983. The song title is, "Don't Go". Dreamboy's was an R&B and funk band that was signed by Quincy Jones' Qwest records. Their most popular hit was "Don't Go" and later in 1984 they had another success with "I Promise (I Do Love You).


Answer by  Anne3 (14)

The song is by a group called Dreamboy. The song title is "Don't Go," an LP released in 1983. I'm including is a link to the Youtube video below: http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=6CJb4opoX6k

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