Question by  lennett52 (2)

Can you find me the song that has the lyrics: You know what, you know what,I love my dancing school?

looking for a song that goes You know what, you know what,I love my dancing school HELP


Answer by  Bill54 (15)

The best answer I can give is that any dance instructor has the song, and probably has no idea themselves who wrote it!


Answer by  sashangeljaz (992)

There is a video on Youtube that has a dancing class of your girls dancing and singing these lyrics. There is no mention of who wrote the song and I could not find another source. I'd suggest contacting a local dancing school and see if they are familiar with it.

Reply by danctastics (0):
Can someone tell me where I can find this "You know what" song? I used it years ago - the cassete is lost and I have been unable to find it! I am desperate for any help in purchasing a copy of anything with the song on it! Thank you!  add a comment

Answer by  sailormoon (19)

"You Know What" by AVANT ft/ Lil Wayne similar line "Its hard to keep in touch while you're off in school" on youtube sounds like "I love dancing school. "


Answer by  Missmeme11 (134)

There Isnt actually a song that has those exactr lyrics in it. Maybe you could refer to the plaace in which you first heard the song. They maybe able top tell you the name of it.


Answer by  rex11 (16)

There is a video on youtube that has the song of some girls singing it in school play. It must be old.


Answer by  patchaikannan (13)

I'm love my Dancing school. Being I'm studying 5th standard i'm perform stage dance school compatation. Saw the program all of wish me. So, Dance interest is increased. My parents join to me a Nadana vidyalaya Dancing School. In this school lot of helped to my carriere. My first dance of song "Made in India"(Hindi song).

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