Question by  Kevin16 (56)

What does it take to get a builder's license in Michigan?

I am trying to start flipping houses.


Answer by  oddflash (902)

You must complete 60 hours of prelicense education in specific courses which can be found on the website for The Department of Energy, Labor and Economic Growth. You must Be at least 18 years of age. Be financially stable. Be of good moral character. Submit required documentation. Pass the examination.


Answer by  cdonz (80)

To get a business license in michigan, you should go to the michigan website. They will have some information. Then you will have to make a couple calls . Finally, you might have to fill out some paperwork. Overall it is moderately easy to get a business license in michigan,


Answer by  HelpfulAndy (1107)

You have to apply at the Michigan department of infrastructure. They will give you a temporary permit. After one month you'll write a test and if you pass, you'll be certified.

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