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Question by  arunraj2fly (3)

What is meant by engineering?


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

This is a very broad question. Engineering basically means using scientific technique and knowledge of mathematics to functionally design and produce a result or product. One definition of engineer means to "plan, construct, or manage". From "engine'er- one who operates an engine", circa 1300's CE (AD).


Answer by  jessemcduffeeyahoocom (195)

Engineering is known as a discipline. There are so many others in the art and profession of using and going along with the knowledge properties to create and provide desired objects or inventions. Engineering is useful for builder's around the world since engineering is the key stone to building anything a human can dream.


Answer by  meet (0)

engineering means you apply science and mathematics to find the best possible solution for a realistic everyday problem, taking into account constraints such as costs and time. While scientists perform tests and experiments and invent theories, engineers apply these theories to real life problems and find solutions to solve them.

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