Question by  Matt (13)

What does it mean if the disc at c2 is pushing on my spinal cord?


Answer by  atman (308)

In between each of your vertebrae is a sponge like disc that cushions the bones from one another. Sometimes due to injury or diseases such as osteoporosis, the disc can protrude out from inbetween the vertabrae and push against the spinal cord. Symptoms from this pressure may occur such as pain, numbness or tingling. Limb function may be affected also.


Answer by  lizzo (29)

It means that your second cervical vertebra is pressing against the spinal cord. The cervical vertebrae are those found in the neck region. Compression of the cervical vertebrae can cause numbness of the hands, as well as neck pain. Depending on the severity of the disc compression, surgery could be required to correct this.


Answer by  lcapurro812 (237)

Damage at c2 (beneath base of skull) will probably cause upper back pain and may result in shooting pain from c2 towards arms due to pressure on nerves. Whether from an accident or aging, disc damage or deterioration means there is no cushion between bony vertebrae which causes upper vertebrae to press or bring more weight on to lower vertebrae.


Answer by  TwoToneDodge (2204)

When you get an injury to your back that causes a slipped disk it means said disk is out of place and pushing on nerves in the spinal chord. Inflamation will occure and the nerves will become irritated and sore. The C2 disk slipped can cause loss of motor function skills as well.

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