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Question by  Wilson (32)

Could too much oil in a push mower result in the pull cord jerking?

My pull cord is jerking.


Answer by  anon15 (87)

Yes, it certainly could. Too much oil can cause sluggishness in the engine, as well as making it difficult to start. Try draining some off the oil from your engine and try again, if this doesn't work, try to start it with the engine unchoked a tad bit. Good luck!


Answer by  Sky75 (216)

To much oil in a mower will make the pull cord jerky or very hard to pull. To much oil can be just as bad as not enough oil. Drain the oil out and replace with the correct amount and thst should solve the problem.


Answer by  Jim35 (21)

Your pull cord is jerking because your flywheel key is sheared, or your lawn mower blade is not installed correctly. To much oil should just make the lawn mower smoke a lot. Just remove the excess oil.


Answer by  les59 (852)

No. That is actually a problem with your pull start mechanism. If it is a 2 stroke engine, you need to take the top off and check to make sure that everything is aligned under the housing.

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