Question by  anoopvr2009 (9)

What does it mean if I get an error message that says "low on virtual memory?"

Can I fix this?


Answer by  matrix9250 (6)

This means that the selected page file for the computer is too small. One can add physical Random Access Memory (RAM) or increase the page file that the computer allocates toward virtual memory in the hard drive.


Answer by  apsaras (408)

It means that you have too many programs open and you are running out of memory to run them. You can fix the problem by closing unused applications, adding more RAM to your computer, or increasing the size of your windows pagefile.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

Virtual memory is the amount of memory available to running processes. If low on virtual memory, shut down processes like running scans and backups. If you do not have many applications that are running or get the error after shutting down applications, this can also be a symptom of spyware like keystroke loggers taking up virtual memory.

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