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Question by  jpw (33)

What does it cost to replace a fuel pump relay?


Answer by  Anshul25 (34)

I suggest the price for fuel pump relays for some different models (appx. prices): Porsche : $23. 00 bmw 525i : $12. 75 Audi 4000, Volkswagen : $24. 96 Volvo 1800E, 1800ES : $13. 96 Standard :$4. 50-$125. 00 Stribel :$55. 48 NIssan :$65-$82 Jaguar :$19. 95 Ford :$59. 99 Holley :$67. 40 Mercedes :$95. 00 Bosch relays :$9. 97


Answer by  rllamarca (123)

relays can vary in price depending on the manufacturer, though generally range from five to twenty dollars depending on the amperage of the relay.


Answer by  jp95 (160)

A fuel pump relay should be fairly in expensive. It should be no more than 5 or 6 dollars for a relay


Answer by  Kanchan (73)

You get custom fit fuel pump relay depending upon the model you drive. However there are variety of fuel pump in the market. The cost will vary from $4. 50 (which is a standard fule pump relay) to $105. 99 which will be custome design. You can get it online or go to the nearest vendor.


Answer by  heather88 (1897)

I think it depends on the car. You need to go to an auto parts store and see how much one costs. or talk to a professional about it, it might cost a lot.

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