Question by  MissDomestic83 (1)

I'm 39 weeks pregnant and waiting impatiently and slightly confused. What does it mean that "my cervix is ripe"?

My doctors says I am 3cm dilated, my cervix is ripe, and he can feel my baby's head. What exactly does that mean?


Answer by  Mia20 (150)

When your body gets ready for the baby to be born, your cervix starts to open up (dialate) and thin out (efface) in preparation for the baby to pass through. The combination of your cervix dialating and effacing is what your doctor is referring to when he says your cervix is ripe.


Answer by  caylascreations78 (489)

That simply means that you are ready to give birth and your cervix has come to the point that it is ready.


Answer by  Mary (2095)

The doctor most likely means that your cervix has softened and thinned. At 3cm you will deliver any day, 4-5 cm is active labor and likely when your water breaks.


Answer by  shondabihari (116)

You are going to have a baby soon! After reaching 4cm you can be admitted into the hospital, and from there you will be coming home with the baby. Your water may break soon.

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