Question by  monoacuro (441)

What does a hangover feel like?

I do not drink, as a result I have never had a hangover and would like to know what it is like.


Answer by  Zampano (164)

The symptoms depend on the severity of the hangover. Generally there is a severe feeling of grogginess and dullness in the head, sometimes coupled with a strong headache and dizziness and sensitivity to light and sound. In more severe cases the dizziness is coupled with overwhelming nausea and hours may be spent vomiting and dry heaving leading to more grogginess.


Answer by  Marie (778)

Hangovers are often characterized by headaches, and some people experience sensitivity to noise and light. A headache in this case is caused by dehydration, and you may also feel run down, as if you had the flu. Some people also experience nausea.


Answer by  Nar85 (90)

It is a major headache on every inch of your head, as well as feeling dehydrated. No amount of water of juice seems to quench your thirst, your extremely tired, and some people get sick to their stomach and puke.


Answer by  jsmith (2067)

In general, it feels like the flu and has many of the same symptoms. Unlike flu, it is primarily caused by your body being dehydrated. The most common symptoms are headache and nausea. The headache is often worsened by bright lights and loud sounds. Overall, I would say its not the most pleasant of experiences, but also not the worst.

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